What do guinea pigs eat ?

Lovely and charming guinea pigs are one of the favorite pets in the world of many people, especially children.

Guinea pigs belong to the species of rodents from the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia. Contrary to their name, they have nothing to do with pigs. These small, furry rodents are very delicious.

Proper nutrition can be referred to as the most important aspect of caring for them. Only the right diet can ensure the health of your pet. To have a happy guinea pig, it is important to give fruits and vegetables fresh, which this animal likes to eat. Their natural diet consists of grass, hay and dry food. Pellets can be found in almost all pet stores. But it is desirable to purchase quality dry food, because of this will hang the health of your pet.

In general, alfalfa or Timothy pellets are considered the best for your guinea pig kid. In addition to the pellets, you can feed the guinea pigs with fresh hay “Timothy”. Many prefer to feed their guinea pigs with hay of alfalfa. But, as was noted, in the hay of alfalfa contains a lot of calcium, which leads to the appearance of kidney stones. In addition, eating lots of alfalfa can cause obesity. Therefore, it is better to maintain a balance between Timothy and alfalfa hay. Along with this, your little pets will enjoy the grass and dandelions.