What do hammerhead sharks eat ?

Hammerhead sharks are ferocious predators and not only because of their considerable size. They are excellent swimmers, very maneuverable. In addition, sharks are able to develop high speed. The main food of these sharks are invertebrates (shrimps, crabs, mollusks), fish, as well as squid. A real delicacy for them is stingrays and flounder. Maybe that’s why sharks prefer a muddy seabed to any other place of residence.

It happened that the shark-hammer was eating the larger inhabitants of the seas. The hammerhead shark often devours its more distant relatives, the tail beetles, without fear of their poisonous thorns. Apparently, they developed immunity against thorns secreted by spines. Incredibly, there were sharks and cannibals. In the stomach of one, the remains of four of her relatives were found.

To hunt, the hammerhead shark is perfectly fitted. Some fish, trying to escape from fangs, poisons and electric shock, burrow into the sand and freeze there. But they also have no chance, because while they are alive, their bodies generate electric fields, which catch their own unusual head hammerhead: the predator rushes, as it seems, directly to an empty ground and pulls out of it a beating victim.

The hammerhead does not specifically attack people. But still they pose a danger to those in the water. Many attacks that occurred in front of numerous viewers, have documentary evidence. One day, in 1805, three sharks hammered in the network on Long Island. In the stomach of the largest of them, the human body was found.

For breeding her offspring, she chooses popular places. At this time, the shark is very aggressive, and the number of attacks on people is dramatically increasing. “Do not enter the water” – this phrase was repeated this summer on many beaches of Hawaii, Hawaii, the coast of California and Florida.

If you are at a depth and suddenly find a shark not far off, then you’d better freeze, wait for help, or slowly sail into safe waters. Yes, the hammerhead is a merciless predator, but there is such an established expression: “The probability of being eaten by a shark is 30 times lower than being killed by lightning.” Show the utmost care. Caution is the main tool that helps to get rid of the attack of any predator.