What do hermit crabs eat ?

There are no problems with feeding hermit crabs. The fact is that hermit crabs eat peacefully any kind of food, because in a natural environment they consume any available food. They will gladly take care of the leftovers from your table, canned food. They will not give up fruit and seafood, which are very important for maintaining the optimal level of vitamins. Feed them with meat, cereals, groceries and oatmeal. If today you did not cook anything, then the crayfish will eat specialized food. True eat crayfish not much, so let’s eat small batches and look at how they will react to it.

Those hermit crabs that live on the seabed are lucky: such problems are completely unimportant for them – after all, there are always empty shells in the sea. Therefore, when the hermit grows up and the old house becomes too small for him, he simply finds another shell, tries it on, and if everything suits him, then he immediately celebrates the housewarming. And his lost shell can pick up his smaller brother, and everything happens peacefully enough.