What do herons eat ?

The basic diet of any kind of heron is made up of frogs, fish, crabs, snakes, tailless amphibians, rodents. Also the heron eats all kinds of insects (crickets, grasshoppers) and their larvae, mice, voles, rats, small gophers and lizards. The red-headed heron can peck locusts, and the Egyptian heron – there are ticks and insects that she catches in wool and animal skins. White heron often eats chicks of sparrows and other small birds.

Modern hunters shoot the heron only as a preventive measure to protect water reservoirs of fishing farms. After all, an adult is able to eat 100-150 fry for a day, thereby causing enormous damage. But as for the trophy that goes into food, the heron is not considered today, considering this bird not edible. At the same time, experienced hunters and cooks have their own opinion as to whether the heron meat is eaten.

To begin, perhaps, follows from why most hunters bypass the quack side. Blame the whole diet of this bird. The heron belongs to the fish-eating, feeds on fry and small fishes, which live mainly in waterways and wetlands, the water in which is not very clean. Moreover, the white heron, for example, prefers to hunt for a sick fish, because because of low mobility it becomes an excellent prey.