What do howler monkeys eat ?

Howler Monkeys lead a daily life, eat fruits, flowers and everything that they find in the trees. And to neutralize toxic substances, they eat rich in minerals soil. From the leaves of the howler monkey receive a little energy, and therefore spend most of the day without movement, sometimes overcome small distances, but mostly located within its small territory.

The howlers live in groups consisting of one or more uneven-aged males and several adult females. Territory groups may overlap. The size of the group depends on the amount of green on the trees, which can provide livelihoods for animals. In dense thickets, howler is collected in groups consisting of more than 30 animals. Monkeys let themselves know about themselves with a loud, deep roar, which the males emit. Their roar can be heard at a distance of up to three kilometers in a dense forest, and up to five kilometers in open water or space.