What do hyenas eat ?

Until recently, it was believed that all hyenas are scavengers and feed on the remains of dead animals killed by other predators. It turned out, however, that the spotted hyena, due to its sharp eyesight, excellent sense of smell, and social way of life, is one of the most skillful and dangerous predators.

Spotted hyena can hunt alone, but often pursues the prey of a pack. Hyenas develop speeds of up to 65 km / h so they can catch up with animals such as zebra and wildebeest. They grab the victim by the legs or by the side and hold her with a death grip until she falls. Then the whole pack pounces on it and literally tears it to pieces. Hyena can eat 15 kg of meat in one sitting. Most often, they pursue the antelope soon after the cubs have born, because the kids are easy prey.

The jaws of the spotted hyena are one of the most powerful among all predators. They can scare off even a lion and a tiger and easily bite the largest buffalo bones. The digestive system of hyenas is arranged so that it can digest bones. Their feces are white due to the high calcium content of the eaten bones.

The nutrition of the spotted hyena depends on the place of its habitat and the time of the year. The hyena menu includes a rhino, lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and all kinds of antelopes that live in their habitat, as well as insects, reptiles and some grass. They eat any carrion that they find on the way, and sometimes dig in the garbage near the human dwelling. There are always many applicants for the killed victim, so the animals tear off as much of the corpse as possible and run off with it to one side so that someone does not tear the meat from their teeth.

Brown and striped hyenas are less aggressive hunters. More often they feed on carrion, searching for it with the help of an acute sense of smell. They hunt alone and in pairs. Most often their prey is small vertebrates, as well as domestic lambs and kids. Their diet also includes insects, eggs, fruits and vegetables. If a hyena finds a big tung, it can gnaw out a larger piece and hide it in a secluded place to have dinner next time. Brown hyenas also feed on the dead fish thrown ashore and the bodies of marine animals.