What do jellyfish eat ?

Jellyfish are carnivorous animals with 98% water. Jellyfish are very ancient animals, they existed before the era of dinosaurs. There are more than two hundred species of jellyfish that inhabit the entire world ocean. Jellyfish have no skeleton, no head, no fangs, no claws, but this does not stop them from being surprisingly effective predators. They not only catch the approach of prey, but also amaze her with their poison located in long tentacles.

Jellyfish eat small fish, worms, plankton, caviar, zooplankton and crustaceans. In addition, some large species of jellyfish can eat their brethren. Jellyfish tramp, slowly moving forward, they use their long and poisonous tentacles to capture and catch prey.

The jellyfish has a bell-shaped shape of its body, under which is the mouth. The digestive system is very simple, which consists of a gastro-vascular cavity connected to a mouth opening. Here, all food is digested, which is then removed, through the same hole.

Tentacles of jellyfish are poisonous, they are provided along the entire length with stinging cells that paralyze the victim, after which the tentacles deliver food to the mouth where it is digested, divided into nutrients and then absorbed by the body.