What do koalas eat ?

Koalas eat only bark and eucalyptus leaves. In the world there are more than 800 species of these trees, but these animals only eat bark and leaves 120 of them. Interestingly, for most animals these trees are poisonous. Due to its unique digestive system, colas eat them without tragic consequences. But shaggy animals try to choose eucalyptus, growing on fertile soils, along the banks of rivers. The leaves and branches of such trees contain less poison. In eucalyptus, growing on poor dry soils, there are more poisonous substances.

The daily diet of this animal is 500-11100 g of feed. At the same time, they mostly feed on softer and juicy young leaves. Koalas almost do not drink water, as the leaves of eucalyptus contain more than 90% of the liquid necessary for them. Animals drink water only when they do not have enough moisture in the leaves or they are sick.

Koala is almost immobile 18- 20 hours a day. At this time, she grabs the branches with branches, sleeps or moves along the trunk in search of food, or chews the leaves, which during feeding add to the inner part of the cheeks.

She jumps from tree to tree mostly to find food or escape from danger. Another unique ability of this animal, is that he can swim. Koalas are rather sluggish, this is due to the peculiarities of their nutrition, since the leaves contain little protein. In addition, koal has a low metabolism, it is 2 times slower than in other mammals.