What do lemurs eat ?

den lemur and a large bamboo lemur eat leaves and shoots of giant bamboo. Although it should be noted that the flesh, leaves and young shoots of bamboo eat and some other species of these animals, for example, meek lemurs, which, by the way, feed only on this plant. Cat frogs are very fond of the fruits of Indian tamarind (Indian dates).

Indri and sifaki prefer exclusively vegetative food. Madagascar plankers eat insect larvae and fruits (mangoes, coconuts). Nectar, resin, pollen and plant juices play an important role in the diet of dwarf lemurs, and they also feed on small insects, their larvae and secretions. But still, insects and invertebrates are of secondary importance for many kinds of lemurs.

Of insects, animals mostly hunt beetles, and also eat mantises, night butterflies, street lamps, crickets, spiders, cockroaches. Some species, for example, gray mouse lemur, eat small vertebrates: tree frogs and chameleons. The food of the dwarf lemur Cockerel also includes small birds and their eggs. And representatives of the family Indriyevs in addition to plant food eat land that neutralizes the poisonous substances of plants.

The lemurs compensate their not very nutritious diet with long periods of rest. Nevertheless, these primates are omnivorous and in zoos quickly get used to any diet. They grab their food with their teeth or take their front paws and put them in their mouths.