What do leopards eat ?

The main part of the diet of leopards consists of ungulates: antelopes, young zebra, impala, warthogs, deer, roe deer, young wild boar. In the period of famine, even smaller prey is hunted: birds, hares, badgers, wolves, foxes, raccoon dogs, monkeys, reptiles. They often eat carrion and, if possible, steal prey from other leopards or predators. Occasionally they attack pets and cattle.

The leopard hunts mainly at night, usually on medium-sized animals. He overtakes his victim with a powerful leap from 5-6 m distance. Clinging prey directly into the scruff, the leopard tears it to shreds. Leopard, unlike a lion, never leaves his prey alive, even when full.

After a successful hunt, he carries the prey to a tree where other predators can not reach it, and eats it for several more days. The leopard can drag even an antelope on the tree, the weight of which reaches 90 kg. To the prey, the animal returns every night until it has skin and bones left.