What do lizards eat?

The diet of the lizard depends on many factors. First of all, on their type and size. Some lizards – vegetarians – eat only plant food, other predators and eat other animals, and some are completely omnivorous and can use both.

What do small lizards eat?

Thus, for example, the most commwon small lizards on the Earth, the true lizard family members, or Lacertidae, feed mainly on small insects, but larger species are able to eat even small vertebrates. Usually lizards, hiding in a shelter and merging with the earth, lie in wait for their prey or are carefully selected and quickly catch up with it. Some species can use various small fruits or berries as food. Lizards of this family are mostly small enough and do not hunt other vertebrates.

What do big lizards eat?

Large lizards, for example, lizards, are able to hunt and animals more. They usually creep up to the prey and grab it in the throw. Experts do not rule out that the lizards are even able to detect their prey in the footsteps, using for this purpose their forked tongue, which is always protruding from the mouth, like a snake. Do not disdain lizards and carrion – dead animals or the remains of a meal of larger predators.