What do llamas eat ?

What do llamas eat? Llamas are mostly vegetarians. However, not completely. They eat milk and dairy products and from time to time – eggs in limited quantities. However, they do not eat meat of mammals, birds and fish.

In the monastery, there are no problems associated with food choices. The very pattern of monastic life is such that all its inhabitants eat in the optimal way.

Every lama does some part of the overall work. Together they produce everything that is necessary for life.

In the work try to use as primitive technologies as possible. Even the soil is loosened by hand. Lamas might well use a plow or a plow, but they believe that direct contact with the earth is more important than high labor productivity.

Lamas are not peculiar to the swindling in food – they simply do not have the opportunity to choose especially. The products they consume are always natural and high-grade, but – in a single meal the llama only eat one kind of food. It is very important. Never in one meal of lamas there is a mixture of products belonging to different categories. If they eat barley porridge in the morning, then this breakfast is limited to this porridge. If it’s mountain beans, then only beans. Fruit means only fruit; Raw vegetables – mean raw vegetables; Boiled vegetables – means boiled vegetables; Pellets of barley flour – it means only cakes from barley flour on the water.

The egg is eaten entirely by the lama only after several hours of hard physical labor. But no more than one at a time. Cook them with this soft-boiled. But from time to time – on average once a day – each lama eats one raw egg yolk. The protein is boiled, chopped and fed to chickens. According to lamas, egg white in the human body is absorbed only when muscle tissue needs intensive nutrition. The yolks contain very important substances, which in small quantities must constantly enter the body.