What do Macaw eat ?

Usually the macaw is fed with granulated food, supplemented with grain, vegetables and fruits. Pellets can be 25-50 percent of the entire diet of a bird, and the seeds do not exceed 10 percent, since they contain a lot of fat. Nuts are well suited as a treat, but in moderation.

Ara are some of the largest species of parrots. The average life expectancy of macaw parrots varies from 30 to 50 years. Large macaws with good care and health can live even longer, and small macaws usually live less, compared to their large congeners.

Young macaws tend to pinch, later it can develop into bites, but one should not react to it aggressively and especially to beat the young macaw. If the macaw is afraid, then its natural reaction is to bite the person he is afraid of.