What do magpies eat ?

Birds that are easy to recognize by a bright black and white coloring and a stepped long tail are magpies. The tail of the magpies is especially beautiful during the flight: then it takes on a fan-like appearance. These birds weigh only about 160 grams, sometimes reach 260 grams. Forty can be found in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. True, these birds do not live in the north of Asia.

Representatives of these birds are omnivorous, like most of the voranges. In the diet magpies can include small mammals and insects (spiders, lice, slugs). You can often meet bird nests ruined by magpies: they drag both eggs and chicks (one of the most favorite types of food). Magpie sometimes even can carry bones in a dog. In general, if a bird lives next to a person, then it will not be shy and think long before pulling off someone’s food. In addition to animal food, magpies also do not mind eating and vegetable dishes. For example, they glue grain in the fields. These small birds have such a strong beak that they can smash eggshells or dig out insect larvae from the ground.

Magpies live in pairs. While the chicks are hatching only the female, the males take care of the nest’s safety and provide the chicks with food in the first weeks of their life. Many birds should learn from forty how to get their own food. Although, for a person magpies can be both assistants and pests.