What do mallard ducks eat ?


So what does the mallard eat ? Representatives of this species are completely undemanding to their diet, so they feed on what is currently in the pond. Throughout the day, you can see the periodic dipping of ducks into the water behind the fodder, while from the water you can see only the back part and the paws sticking up.

Pulling out his head, the duck searches for food at the bottom: small fish, small frogs, caviar, algae, various roots and other. A special delicacy for the mallard is duckweed, which is usually tightened by the smooth surface of ponds with standing water.

In the summer, ducks can fly to fields with wheat, rye or other grains for additional food.

One of the most common waterfowl worldwide is the mallard duck. Omnivorousness and high adaptability to external conditions allowed the bird of the mallard to settle on all continents, except for Antarctica. A feature of this species is a significant difference in the coloring between females and males, which allows to determine the sex of the duck unmistakably.

Due to its good growth indicators, many farms and amateurs are engaged in breeding mallards.