What do meerkats eat ?

Special attention should be paid to what the meerkats eat. Their diet includes insects, their larvae, lizards, bird eggs and even scorpions.

In such situations, the conflict can not be exactly avoided. Two families of meerkats are not able to live on one territory. However, it is unlikely that anyone will want to leave the land that is rich in food, therefore, whoever is stronger, will be its real master.

Meerkats sleeps in the hole, and as soon as the morning comes, he wakes up and leaves his own home to begin his usual morning business. Basically, these creatures are engaged in the cleaning of their own burrow, as well as the construction of additional moves, which they will use in case of danger. The work involved absolutely all members of the colony, except for individuals that have only recently been born. After the end of the morning, the animals go out to catch the food. In most cases, they are looking for him near their holes.

Not all the animals get food, one of the members of the family is engaged in the inspection of the territory. He does this in order to see the enemies intending to attack the colony. To better be seen, the mink raises on some elevation, such as a stone, and starts to view the site in all directions.