What do mice eat ?

Since ancient times, mice have been considered omnivores. In addition, they are familiar to us not just as gluttons, but as animals that eat 20% of all products manufactured by humans. Because of this fact, people on the continuation of many centuries did not like mice.

Are our little pets really omnivorous? Some “experts” believe that decorative mice can be fed scraps from our table. However, excess salt badly affects the health of mice, can cause some diseases.

Spices are generally contraindicated.

But they are very useful fodder, which is sold in pet stores. Moreover, they eat with appetite forage for cats, dogs, rats, hamsters and even singing birds. The diet of decorative mice includes products of plant and animal origin.

The owner of a small pet is informed that they are eating decorative mice.

First of all, they need roughage: seeds of plants, especially sunflower, grain cereals, which give either in mixtures or alternate. Of cereals, wheat grains are the most nutritious, they contain carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and a little calcium. It is recommended to give peas, but not more than twice a week. Mice love the seeds of various plants.