What do monarch butterflies eat ?

Different kinds of monarch butterflies have different eating habits, but almost all of them have something in common – they drink or absorb food from nectar through the proboscis. Below are some of the things that give the butterfly pleasure.

Pollen and nectar

This is the main meal of butterflies. Butterflies attract bright, colorful and colorful flowers. Most butterflies prefer to survive on floral nectar, which is full of essential nutrients and sugar, which provides butterflies with instant energy and vitality.

Rotten fruit

Rotten fruits are another favorite dish of almost all types of butterflies. They really do not eat fruit, but suck the fruit juice through the proboscis. Rotten fruits occupy an important place in the content of sugar and water. This makes it easy for the butterfly to suck nutrients and sugar. If you’re wondering what the monarch’s butterfly eats, it’s rotten fruit.