What do moose eat ?

Moose are herbivores and, like their closest relatives, deer, eat forest vegetation. They eat mostly shrubs, leaves and bark of trees, young branches, moss, lichens and mushrooms. Eating moose water and growing near the water plants: horsetails, water lilies. When the fruits of plants ripen, they also eat, cranberries, blueberries, wild raspberries. In winter, moose eat pine needles, willow branches, gnaw bark. In day one elk can eat up to 36 kilograms of food. In addition to vegetation, they need salt. Sometimes even there were cases that moose in winter lapped salt from highways.

In summer, because of the heat, moose graze at night. In the afternoon they prefer to spend time on glades blown by the wind or in the water. Thus, they are saved from exhausting heat and bothersome insects. In winter, on the contrary, they feed in the afternoon, and spend the night on their beds.

Animals do not care when to get food. To say that this animal only leads a nocturnal life or day time, it is impossible. In the summer, when the heat in the daytime and the tiresome paddy fly, the moose graze at night. In winter they prefer a day.

The average duration of moose life in the wild for 12 years, with the addition of moose can live up to 22 two. But these figures are averaged. Even in good years – with respect to climatic conditions, from diseases and natural enemies, half of the young