What do moths eat ?

An ordinary mole is also a moth. We all know that moths give a lot of trouble to a person. Larvae eat clothes made of wool, fur and other natural fibers. But, unfortunately, not only the mole destroys things and household items.

Let’s list other harmful moths and see what they eat.

Glass-eater is eating wood. On the ground live peach, currant and pumpkin glass. Is not it really, it’s easy to guess what they prefer to eat. There are moths that like to eat potatoes and seeds of cereals. A pink box worm eats cotton.

On the earth live moths, which eagerly eat peas, strawberry leaves, flower buds.

The larva of the moth, who prefers beeswax, often crawls into beehives and inflicts terrible harm to bees. Southward granular fire eats in huge quantities seeds of cereals, flour, nuts, dried fruits.

Butterfly-bear destroys crops and orchards. Some

Scammers devoured tobacco leaves, leaves of tomatoes, grapes and apple trees. A falcon apple tree is the most terrible pest in apple orchards.

It should be remembered that adult moths eat only flower nectar. But the greatest harm is caused by their caterpillars or larvae.

It may seem strange, but some caterpillars of moths were willingly eaten by primitive people. So, for example, the tribe of North American Indians living in the west of the country, fed caterpillars saturnii pandora.