What do newts eat ?

Common, comb and needley newts are most suitable for keeping in an aquarium. They live both on land and in water bodies and on this depends what exactly eat the newts. Being on land, they eat earthworms, flies, larvae of various insects, crickets, butterflies, millipedes. In the water they feed on crustaceans, mollusks, water donkeys and other small freshwater.

When keeping at home, it is very important to keep track of what your newts eat, because their health and comfortable development directly depend on it. In order to maximally approximate your pet’s diet for eating newts in its natural habitat, it must be fed with live food: tubing, bloodworm, shrimp, earthworms, tadpoles. In addition, you can offer the pet frozen delicacies: pieces of fish, liver, kidneys, lean meat. All that feed the newts in the aquarium, you need to cut into small pieces, why the newt is not so that it was convenient for them to grab and swallow food.

During the maintenance of these amphibians, the owners often wonder why the newt does not eat at all. In most cases, the answer lies in the characteristics of your pet: not always what the aquatic newt normally eats, like a particular individual. Perhaps, he simply does not fit or like the food that you offer him. In this case, you need to review the diet of the pet or clarify the data on his nutrition in the pet store where you purchased it. Another reason for refusing food can be a disease or parasitic infection. It should be carefully monitored for possible changes in the behavior of the amphibian, and also to review the correctness of the content.