What do okapi eat ?

Okapi feed mainly on leaves, buds, and shoots from more than 100 different species of forest plants. Many of which are known to be poisonous to humans. Therefore, there is an opinion that this is why okapi eat coal obtained from burned forest trees. Carbon in the form of charcoal, is a good antidote. In addition, they eat grass, fruits, ferns and mushrooms.

The animal has a long and thin tongue of bluish color. Okapi does not know how to jump to reach the upper branches on the tree, but thanks to his mobile neck and long tongue, the animal takes branches at a height of up to 3 m.

Although the characteristic signs of males indicate a relationship with the giraffe – in the okapi and giraffes on the head are small horns, more precisely, bony outgrowths, covered with skin and overgrown with hair, but externally okapi looks most like a zebra. He has a relatively long neck. The forehead, neck and body are brown, with light brown or gray spots on the cheeks, throat and chest. The females are slightly taller than the males. Strips on the feet make them invisible in the forest. The length of an adult animal is 2-2.1 m, and the weight is 200-250 kg. Newborns weigh about 16-20 kg.