What do otters eat ?

Otter is a very adventurous hunter and sometimes catches fish more than he can eat. Most often he preys on large fish. Sometimes its catch is quite impressive. For example, it can easily catch 8-10 kilogram pike. But do not disdain the otter and small fry. She eats small fish right in the water, and drags the big fish ashore, and only then begins to feast. If there is plenty of food in the otter, she can catch one fish, bite it several times, then quit, and then immediately start hunting for new prey.

The main diet of the otter consists of different types of fish: trout, roach, carp, perch, carp, pike, goby, minnow. In the summer, the otter catches water rats, voles and other small rodents. On occasion, even a baby beaver can eat. Also, if necessary, can catch a duck or a sandpiper. In addition, the otter consume crustaceans, beetles and frogs. In winter, the otter often empties underwater wintering frogs.

Each otter has its own site, on which it hunts. The area of ​​such holdings is approximately 5-10 km². When there are plenty of fish on the site, it shrinks to 2-3 km². In the case of a shortage of food resources, the otter can migrate over long distances. Sometimes the otter travels 200-300 km in search of a suitable pond. There are also cases when in search of a new home these animals crossed even mountain ranges.