What do oysters eat ?

Food for oysters is plankton, tiny crustaceans living in the sea, larvae of marine animals, and other microbes.If you are just interested in keeping oysters at home, build a regular, freshwater aquarium.

Oyster is an edible bivalve marine mollusk, many of which are suitable for food. They live mainly in the tropical seas. Experts consider these sea mollusks with a one-sidedly convex shell the greatest delicacy in general. Oysters prefer seawater with a low salt content, so they live only in the tidal zone near the mouth of the rivers.

The process of spawning in oysters begins in the spring, and ends at the end of summer. It should be noted that spawning is possible only at a high water temperature. The eggs are fertilized inside the shell, the hatched larvae remain in the shell for five more days, and then leave it. They freely move in search of a comfortable surface, on which they are fixed and spend their entire life.