What do painted turtles eat ?

The diet of the painted turtle is diverse: small non-fat fish (sea not eat), flour worms, various plants (like Elodea), snails, slugs, insects, algae, liver fish / beef, chicken (one once a week), seafood (squid, mussels, oysters, shrimp), dry food for freshwater turtles.

Young turtles prefer animal food, as they grow in their diet, grass prevails, and in adulthood they are herbivorous. Feed turtles should be in a separate container, so as not to clog water for bathing.

Painted turtles need vitamin supplements (especially vitamin D3). Vitamins are given only in the form of a powder not more often than once a week. Powder is poured on the feed, which is then fed to the turtle from a bowl or with tweezers.

The dosage depends on the particular type of vitamin and the weight of the turtle. Do not give the turtles vitamins immediately in the mouth – it’s easy to make mistakes with the dose and the turtle can die from hypervitaminosis. The carapace with vitamins should not be lubricated.