What do parrots eat ?

In your house appeared (or already lives) a charming downy miracle – a wavy parrot. And one of the first questions that a happy owner has is how to feed this bundle of happiness. In their homeland – in Australia, wavy parrots eat seeds of herbs and cereals, young twigs and buds of trees, do not disdain the zazevavshimsya insects. They raid on fruit orchards and fields with wheat and other cereals, and eat fruit and berries. But their main diet consists mainly of seeds of varying degrees of maturity.

The main food for wavy parrots is a grain mixture, the basis of which is millet of different varieties, oats and canary seed. Also, the grain mixture includes flax seed, nougat Abyssinian, sesame, hempseed, seeds of meadow grasses, sunflower seeds (it should be remembered that in no case can you use fried sunflower seeds – they can be deadly for a budgie), etc. In pet stores now a large selection of different feeds for budgies is presented and which one to give preference to – this is a personal matter for every owner and tastes of a parrot.

The owner must strictly monitor the quality of the feed. If you opened a pack and saw there – mold, an unpleasant smell, dirt or other muck – in no case should they feed a parrot, and the only place of such food is a trash can. Preference should be given to fodder in a tight, sealed polyethylene packaging – in a cardboard box the food can spoil from improper storage or transportation, and it does not interfere with the penetration of insects and pests into the food. The normal amount of food per one budgerigar is about two teaspoons a day. The parrot must completely eat out all the food offered to it, and not select individual components from the grain mix. Do not abuse various additional mixtures and dainties, greatly diluting them with the main food. Remember that for normal nutrition of the parrot, millet, as the main nutrient, should be at least half of its diet.