What do pheasants eat ?

In the early days of life, pheasants should often be fed steeply cooked with crushed chicken eggs and freshly chopped greens. Nestlings can be fed with small flour worms, gradually including in the diet of mixed fodder for chickens. As a drink used sour milk or yogurt.

From the fifth day the “menu” is replenished with millet porridge, cooked on milk, with finely chopped greens. Later in the diet, small portions are introduced: sprouted wheat, millet and corn groats, milk powder, low-fat cheese, fodder yeast, animals and mineral fodder, young grass and vegetables. At the age of 6-7 weeks the food becomes more diverse. Young people are fed grain: millet, oatmeal, crushed corn, barley. In the diet include skim milk, fresh non-acidic cottage cheese, live insects and their larvae, vegetables. Fresh green grass in the form of young grass can make up a third of the diet. A mixture of feeds is prepared separately for the pheasants and given as required.

In the afternoon young animals are fed every 2 hours, pouring the food in small portions, so that it does not lie in the feeder. At night, fed with 1-2 times increased portions with the electric light on for 30-40 minutes.

For the young, the front of the feeder in the first month of life should be 1.5 cm on the head, 1-3 months – 4 cm, in 3-6 months – 5 cm per head. The front of the drinker is usually about 1 cm on the head.

Pheasant in nature – this is a very voracious creature, he tirelessly collects insects – beetles, ants, woodworms, spiders, snails, etc. Pheasant can swallow a young lizard, snake and even mice. He eats wheat, seeds of cultivated and wild plants, and is also interested in vineyards.