What do pigs eat?

There is an opinion that pigs eat any food, both vegetable and animal. This is largely because the diet of these animals is diverse and includes: animal products, cereals, vegetables, various scraps and waste from the production of fish and meat. However, if you want to get quality meat and fat, it is important to choose the right food.


In nature, wild pigs feed on almost everything they can find. Most of the diet they make small animals, insects, birds or chicks, fish and various aquatic invertebrates. Very much like animal forest mushrooms.

Also, pigs eat a variety of plant foods: berries, fruits, roots, nuts, seeds. Wild pigs swim well and can even get themselves algae, but usually they find food in the forest or in the meadows. If people live nearby, animals can come close to their dwellings and seek food in fields, orchards and orchards. If the terrain is bad, boars can even eat ordinary leaves.

There are among the guinea pigs and those that eat meat (history has preserved evidence when animals eat people). Therefore, being in the forest, you do not need to go close to the families of wild pigs – young sows with pigs are extremely aggressive towards strangers.


Small wild pigs, taken from the mother, can be easily tamed and kept in private households just like ordinary pigs. Homesteads, being for some reason in the wild, quickly become wild, acquire the habits of their ancestors, and even seem to become similar to them. The affinity of subspecies is very close and even they are crossed easily.

It is believed that the domestic pig originated from two wild boars tamed in the ancient cradles of civilization: in India and in Europe. Crossing the two breeds with each other and with wild animals, the cattle breeders created the whole modern variety of pigs. In farms, pigs are fed a variety of feeds. Stomach in animals is single-chambered, so unlike cows, they need more concentrated feed and less succulent and coarse. Diet of animal origin is also desirable in the diet.