What do Piranhas eat ?

It is said that sometimes piranhas bite fishermen by their fingers. But think, you yourself are hooked, you are dragged somewhere from your native water, you are grabbed by your hands. Yes, you will be struggling to get back into the water. And the teeth of piranhas are such that, intentionally, and, so to speak, by carelessness, the wound will be inflicted – be healthy. After all, it happens that sometimes the ruff can sometimes start the blood. One of the sites of aquarists tells how harmless piranhas that eat something mostly shrimp, supposedly almost bitten off a woman two fingers. And all because when cleaning the aquarium she decided to catch them not with a net, but with her hands. So who attacked whom? And a pile of rumors about piranh was supplemented by another “true story”.

Very many authors tell that local kids bathe in the rivers, in the same place their mothers wash clothes and are not afraid of piranhas at all. Some people explain this by saying that piranhas are dangerous only at certain times, for example, the tide. But the tide, although it penetrates far along the river, is still not noticeable far from the ocean, especially in numerous small tributaries. More plausible seems to be another explanation. When the drought period comes, and numerous sleeves become cut off from the main channel, they often leave a huge number of piranhas. All that you can eat, has long been eaten. Here this flock can attack anyone in this pond. But imagine in these conditions our fish! Yes, a gudgeon will attack you or a calf, let alone a pike! True, our fish do not have such sharp teeth. By the way, piranhas with sharp teeth, not all carnivores. To eat nuts falling into the water, too, you need sharp teeth. Yes, with outstanding jaws!