What do polar bears eat ?

The polar bear is a predator. The main prey on the endless ice expanses are representatives of the local fauna: seals (sea hares, ringed seals), walruses. Getting food under such conditions is not easy, but the predator skillfully copes with this task. Hunted polar bears, using a special tactic. They quietly go up to the hole and watch near it until the seal does not come out to inhale the air. When the animal emerges, the bear deafens him, and then immediately pulls him to the ice and eats the prey. Only 1 out of 20 such hunts is crowned with success.

In addition to food obtained as a result of hunting, bears eat carrion, whales, narwhals, beluga, and fish thrown ashore. Sometimes, if possible, bears attack them.

In summer the food of the polar bear becomes rather scarce. It eats berries, fish, seaweed, eggs of birds and chicks, carrion, lichens. In this difficult time, a bear can lose up to half its weight.

Sometimes hungry individuals enter the houses of the Eskimos or the warehouses of polar expeditions, where they groom different food products. Most often polar bears eat canned food, meat, fish and other food.

The habitat of a polar bear often intersects with human habitation. In such cases, bears are often trafficked in search of food.