What do Quail eat ?

Correct feeding of quails is the most important task of a poultry farmer. The overwhelming majority of health disorders of quails are due to improper feeding.

Quail can consume a variety of food. The main condition – that the food was fresh, not moldy, without harmful impurities – salts and other chemicals. Dry food can be poured into the feeder with a reserve.

Any wet feed should not stay in the feeder for more than two hours, otherwise they start to sour and can poison the birds. In addition, the wet food should be mixed with some cereal for greater friability. Sticky, liquid, viscous food clogs birds with a beak, nostrils, stains a feather.


The most suitable quail food is feed for laying hens. We recommend that you use it! The broiler feed is somewhat worse, although it is also suitable. The consumption of chicken feed is about 1 kg per month for one quail.

Of homemade, the most suitable for quail food is a mixture of various crushed cereals (barley, oatmeal, semolina, rice, etc.), ground bread crumbs from white bread (you can use black bread in small quantities) with the addition of protein foods and vitamins.

The protein part of the feed should be about one-fifth of the diet. It can be boiled meat or meat-bone meal, boiled fish or fish meal, boiled eggs or egg powder, curd or milk powder. Fine food supplements can be used for food for fish – dowry (larvae of flies), dried hamarus, etc.