What do rabbits eat ?

Hare can exist only in natural conditions. Therefore, in terms of food they have much more difficult than the same home rabbits. What rabbits eat depends on what kind of food this season is available to them. And this food is of purely vegetable origin.

In a warm period, animals have the opportunity to eat a lot of juicy greens. Favorite hare treats – clover, yarrow, bed, dandelion, tansy and other herbs. Animals and berry plants are attracted, and both their stems and leaves, and the fruits themselves. And if the hare finds moss, it will not refuse such food.

Trees and shrubs are also a source of valuable food for the hare. In summer, the animals are tasty with their lower leaves and nutritious shoots. Young trees are willingly eaten whole. In this regard, the hare often looks like a pest in the eyes of people, since these trees often become rooted seedlings.

In addition to eating ground parts of plants, the animal can find its food in the soil layer, in the form of various roots. And sometimes under the ground the hare manages to find truffles – mushrooms with fleshy and fragrant fruit bodies, which he also with pleasure is reinforced.

During the ripening of the harvest, the hare, after visiting the potato field, can dig up and eat tuber plants. The fruits of other cultures also do not go unheeded by a long-eared animal that visited agricultural land in late summer or fall.

At the same time for the animal, ripe alder cones, as well as berries of mountain ash and dogrose become a delicious food. By the way, the hare is known as the seed distributor. They serve as food for the animal, but not everyone digests in his stomach.