What do red eared slider turtles eat ?

When feeding your red eared slider turtles, make sure that you feed it the right amount of plant and animal protein material. Baby sliders need to eat large amounts of protein than adult sliders do, because they have a larger carnivorous side on them. Adults, on the other hand, eat mostly plant material.

While younger sliders do not eat much vegetation, it’s a good idea to still offer them how it’s useful in getting a turtle to recognize it as food. When they become adults, you can switch predominantly feeding greens and vegetables, in addition to some protein.

You can also offer your turtle a food pellet. These, small, easy-to-eat foods are usually quite nutritious and there is a decent amount of vitamins and minerals included. They can also be more convenient to feed for pet owners. However, the pellets should not be the diet of your turtle. In order to ensure your pet gets all the nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy, animal proteins and vegetables and greens should be added.

When feeding animals with red eared sliders, you have several options. These include: earthworms, waxworms, crickets, silkworms, bloodworms, and a fish feeder (for example, guppies, danios, and minnows).