What do Red Wolves eat ?

Red Wolves hunts mostly in the daytime, on fairly large animals, although sometimes very small animals become victims. The production of red wolves can consist of both rodents and lizards, as well as from deer, antelope, bull and even leopards and tigers.

It is also known that these predators in the summer regularly eat vegetarian food.

Collaboration in a pack during prey hunting allows red wolves to kill animals having 10 times more weight and body size than their own. Two or three red wolves are capable of killing 50 kilograms of deer in less than 2 minutes. Unlike many dogs, red wolves kill game, not grasping at the throat, but attacking from behind.

Sharpness and coherence of actions during hunting determine the strength of the pack, and it is very large. Scientists who worked in India came to the conclusion that the red wolf is a more successful hunter than a leopard or a tiger. The very powerful wild bull Gaur and even the elephant are troubled by the traces of red wolves. The flock can drive a leopard into the tree, and even attack a tiger. This happened in India. The Tiger was killed, however, and the flock lost more than 10 members. Of course, this happens extremely rarely.