What do rhinos eat ?

Rhinos are herbivore. The main food for him is grass. Only Indian and black rhinoceroses except for the grass eat shrubs and twigs. These animals eat up to 70 kg of vegetation per day. The rhinoceros stomach is arranged in such a way that it can digest poisonous food, for example, spurge. Black and Indian rhinos love branches and leaves. White rhinoceros prefer to graze in open terrain from evening till dawn. Sometimes rhinoceroses damage economic fields, wandering there, eating and trampling the whole crop.

In the zoo, rhinoceros are given grass and hay. The rhinoceros diet includes special feed additives. In addition, hay is harvested from legumes. It is in the hay of the legumes that a large number of proteins are needed for rhinos. If a black rhinoceros live in the zoo, then branches and leaves are necessarily added to its diet.

Rhinos, in addition to food, is given water about 50-180 liters every day, depending on the season.

To date, of the once numerous tribe of animals, only five species have survived. Three of them live in Asia: Indian, Java, Sumatran. The Sumatran-type rhinoceroses are on the verge of extinction. On the island of Sumatra, there are approximately 20 to 40 animals left. In Central and West Africa live two kinds of rhinos: White and Black. White, as well as Sumatran, is a vanishing species.