What do Salamanders eat ?

So, what the Salamanders eat. The diet of fire salamanders consists of invertebrates and live insects. These are various beetles, crickets, smooth caterpillars, slugs, flour worms and many others. To the feed must be treated with special attention. The thing is that beetles and larvae need to completely remove the jaws. Otherwise, they are capable of damaging the lizard.

Feed the salamander once every two days. At the same time, once a week, it is necessary to sprinkle the food with a special mixture before the feeding, which is enriched with vitamins, and most importantly with calcium. Do not overfeed the salamander.

In order to feed the pet, many try to use tweezers. This can not be done categorically. The thing is that they can injure the pet. The salamander’s appetite is completely dependent on humidity, and also on the temperature of the environment.

During this period, it is necessary to create the most optimal atmosphere in the terrarium with suitable humidity.

If you are thinking about what to feed your pet, it is worth remembering that the salamander can also eat dead one-day mice. However, such food can attract a lizard only if it is in motion. Therefore, you will have to feed the victim yourself.