What do Scorpions eat ?

By nature scorpion is a predator, therefore it eats exclusively insects (spiders, centipedes, grasshoppers, cockroaches), and if lucky – small rodents, lizards and mice.

In some cases among these arthropods there are cases of “cannibalism”, when one individual eats its weaker congenital. After waiting for a potential prey, the scorpion grabs it with powerful claws in the throw and instantly kills with a sting of the poison sting.

A special structure of the digestive system allows the scorpion not to need daily food. The same is true of water – the necessary amount of moisture is most often obtained from the “juices” of its victim.

The marriage period of scorpions is very unusual. The male and female perform an intricate and interesting “wedding” dance, which lasts for hours at a time. All this time, the male scorpion holds the female by the claws and drives it along the soil section back and forth, periodically dropping the partner to the ground, where before that he released his sperm.