What do Sea otters eat ?

Sea otters live in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean and lead a very active lifestyle. To live in cold water, sea otters need to spend a lot of energy on maintaining normal body temperature. Therefore, sea otters need to eat daily and eat 20 to 25% of food from their own weight. This is approximately 10 kg of marine life.

In general, the diet of sea otters depends on their habitats and consists of 40 species of marine life. They often eat sea urchins, mollusks, crabs, some kinds of fish, mussels, chitons, scallops, sea ears and stars. In addition, the northern sea otter eats octopus, eating only the tentacles, without using the head.

Their prey is searched for by sea otters, diving to depth, emerging every 30-40 seconds to swallow air. Finding a suitable prey, the sea otter does not eat it at once, but collects the skins from the fold of the fold, placed under the left and right paw. Then he emerges, takes out his catch and transgresses to the meal. To open the shellfish, Californian otters use stones raised from the bottom. Such stones can be used several times by the animal, carrying it in its pocket. To smash the shellfish, a sea otter puts it on his stomach and beats it with a stone until it opens. If the prey is large and can not be eaten immediately, the sea otter hides it in its left pocket until the next meal. After eating, the sea otter repairs itself, cleaning its wool from the remains of food.

Sea otters receive with food or drink sea. The kidneys of these animals are arranged in such a way that they can remove a large amount of salt from the body.