What do sea turtles eat ?

Sea turtles can be considered predators, so their nutrition is a little easier to balance than land. Of course, in the diet of a sea turtle should be present fish, it is better not fat and not large, so that the turtle could eat it whole. Live fish is desirable, but not necessary. For food suitable for such species of fish as hake, blue whiting, cod, carp, perch. For infrequent feeding, you can choose a greasy fish, for example capelin, sprat, Baltic herring or tulk. But before serving, such fish should be held in hot water for several minutes. Also you can please your pet with caviar, the turtles simply adore it. Fish is the main food for turtles. It is very useful, the bones contain calcium, and the interior is rich in vitamins. Adult individuals can be offered whole fish without even cutting off their heads, but smaller species are advised to cut the fish in pieces, but do not remove the bones.

Also in the diet of a sea turtle must be present and seafood. They can be both the main meal, and alternate with meat or fish. Products that need to be given often are: squid, uncooked shrimps, frogs (preferably raw, but if you decide to include them in the diet, be sure to consult a veterinarian-herpetologist, not all kvakushek can be given), mussels, raw sea scallop, octopus .

Products that must be present in a balanced diet of turtles, but they should not be given often: caviar, crabs, crayfish (only the tail part, it is possible together with caviar).

Meat should also be in the diet of sea turtle, but in small quantities and about once a week. Why is that? Yes, because the meat does not have that calcium and vitamins content, as in fish, but it is rich in proteins. It is better to use poultry meat or beef, it is less fatty. Pork and lamb is better not to give, it’s fatty meat. You can treat the tortoise with raw liver chicken or beef, as it contains vitamin A, and it is extremely necessary for turtles.