What do Siberian huskies eat ?

Siberian huskies usually do not eat much, but there are those who like to eat. The exchange of substances in this breed of mute is different from the others. They easily assimilate fatty and protein-rich meat: this happens without heavy loads on the liver. Like all northern dogs, they are characterized by a protein-fatty type of food, and not protein-carbohydrate, as for other dogs. If you choose the right food, the dogs will be active, healthy and will have a beautiful coat.

First of all, it is necessary to decide which type of feeding to give preference: dry or canned food or natural type. If you choose ready-made food, then you need to choose those in which the high content of fats and proteins. Also it is necessary to learn to choose a high-quality forage, as this in time will negatively affect the health of the pet. If the dog is fed with dry food, then the dog must fill the lack of liquid in the body with fresh water. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that during the meal near the Siberian huskies there is always a bowl of water. You can soak up the food before the meal with warm water, for this 15 minutes before meals, the food should be poured with warm water. For the puppy it is necessary to select a special food for puppies or young dogs of medium sized breeds. It is important to remember that ready-made foods contain enough vitamins and minerals, so do not add special additives to food.

The disadvantages of dry feeding can be attributed to the fact that the Siberian husky after a while can abandon them. Then you can try to give her instead of dry food canned food, but the same company. The metabolism in the puppy will be more adapted to the feed that his mother fed, so it will be good to find out from the breeder what food he fed his mother.

When choosing a natural type of feeding, you should carefully consider the diet of the dog, taking into account the age, weight, activity and health of the pet.