What do snails eat ?

If you decide to have a land snail, you must know in advance what it eats. Its food should be full and balanced: choose animal proteins, vegetable food and do not forget about mineral supplements.

The main thing in the diet of the land snail should be the greens: different lettuce leaves, dandelions, parsley, alfalfa, plantain, clover, nettle. Land snails also prefer beet tops, sprouts of cereals and vegetables, Chinese cabbage.

Despite the fact that some breeders say that their snails eat any food, some pets are fastidious enough. What do snails eat with great pleasure? Precisely to say it is impossible, but all breeders recommend to periodically change a diet that the same products did not have time to get bored.

There are periods when a land snail should adhere to a diet with an elevated calcium level: if its age has not reached 1 year, a shell has become damaged or a pregnancy has occurred.

To maintain the diet, the snail should receive a sufficient amount of vegetables and greens daily, in which there is this element, but in addition it should be given special supplements: mineral stone (sepia), crushed egg shell and fodder chalk.