What do snakes eat ?

All snakes without exception are predators, they eat almost everything from ants to antelopes. The snake is able to swallow an animal that is more than its own several times, and its stomach will easily digest any large prey, including bones, horns and hooves.

How Snakes Hunt

Snakes get their livelihood by hunting. They hunt in different ways, it depends on the species. Most venomous snakes wait for their prey, for hours lying in one place and as soon as they learn the right prey, they jump at it and put a deadly bite.

If potential mining managed to dodge, then the snake will not pursue it, but again it will be hidden and will wait for a new trap.

And how do snakes eat non-poisonous? Most of them themselves search for their prey, crawl into burrows and other nooks, and after finding something suitable for food, creep up and in a lightning bolt grab their prey.

Catching his prey, the snake kills her. Poisonous species do this with the help of poison, and the non-poisonous suffocate it in the rings of their bodies, but there are also those who swallow their prey alive.

All snakes swallow prey whole and send it inside with its unusual lower jaw, consisting of two moving halves, which are connected by elastic ligaments.