What do sparrows eat ?

Problems with food in sparrows in the warm season usually does not arise. These little feathered creatures eagerly eat food waste, which can always be found within the city.

Sparrows living far from civilization, feed on seeds of cereal plants, which abound in fields. The problem with food in birds occurs with the onset of cold weather, because not all birds fly south. Fans of fauna often help feathered friends by making for them special feeders that are suspended in trees. However, not everyone knows what to feed the sparrows. Usually they are offered bread crumbs and millet. Although the diet of a sparrow can be much more diverse.

What do sparrows eat in the summer?

Little feathered friends have practically no restrictions on food. Toddlers-nestlings are usually fed with protein food, namely small insects. It is estimated that about 60% of animal food enters the ration of chicks. It should be noted that it is impossible to feed the chick with grains and grass. A tender stomach can not cope with rough food, and the chicks will die.

Adult individuals are less finicky. In summer, sparrows do not lack food, and therefore often lazy and do not practically hunt for insects for food. And why should they do it when they can eat a meal offered by a person. Children especially like to feed birds. Kilograms of bakery products go to the livelihood of sparrows. In urban conditions, birds get a lot of food from fast food establishments. And sparrows eat not only muffins and bread crumbs. They are happy to absorb the remains of meat dishes, vegetables and chopped nuts.