What do stick insects eat ?

Feed the stick insect with leaves of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, currants, cornel, oak and other fruit trees. As for the menu, they are not particularly demanding. To keep the leaves fresh, as long as possible, you can put them in a small disguised container filled with water.

To do this, a cone, a test tube or any other container with a narrow neck is suitable, so that the insect does not accidentally get inside and drown. For feeding in winter, you must first stock up the fodder, keeping them in the freezer. Before feeding, the food should be thawed.

Defrosted food quickly deteriorates, so you should give a quantity that the insect can eat in one go. In addition to frozen plants, it is desirable to use plants grown in pots on the windowsill as feed. Leaves forage should be collected in places remote from farms, factories, highways, as they may contain insecticides, heavy metals and other hazardous substances.