What do swans eat ?

What do swans eat. Swans are omnivores, but have a vegetarian diet. Swans eat underwater vegetation, such as seaweed and water plants, when they are on the water, when they are on a solid surface, they eat seeds and berries. Swans also eat insects and fish.

Because of their large size, swans are very often hunted. The main swan hunter is a man, since Its meat is quite tasty. By the person on a swan such animals as: wolves, foxes hunt.

Swans usually establish very strong ties among themselves. Their nests, swans are built from branches and leaves, a female individual can take 3-9 eggs at a time. Young swans hatch from their eggs after incubation a little more than a month. Young swans are often on the water with their mothers for several days and stay close to her for protection and warmth. In turn, mother’s swans protect their children from predators or any other threat.