What do Termite eat ?

What do termites feed on? These animals are herbivorous. They willingly eat not only grains and green plants, but also wood structures, furniture, books, clothes, and this brings great harm to man.

If a person leaves his home for a while, and termites find a way to it, then … No, everything stands in place; Table, chair, chairs. The paintings hang on the walls, the books lie in a closet. The man returned home. I’m tired after the road, wants to rest, sits in a chair, and it falls down, Trying to grab the table, and conditionally paper. All the wooden in the house ate termites. They ate objects from the inside, leaving a thin outer shell, like a paper. That’s why you get the impression that nothing is touched.

To each object, if it can not be approached through a wooden wall or floor, termites make a covered gallery.

You need to have real engineering abilities to master the furniture so skillfully, the wooden pillars are built and the earth filled with empty space so that the structure does not collapse. It is here that the first mysterious ability of termites to experience the tension of wood fibers in the structure is manifested. In essence, termites capture a stress field, of which we know nothing. That’s why they know how to eat wood structures so that they do not crumble until they are touched.

I can termite; To eat even clothes on a sleeping man.

How, then, are the eaten wood, paper, tissues assimilated in the termite organism? It turns out that in the intestine they have a large tribe of protozoa – flagellates, which translate fiber into digestible sugars. It is enough to feed the termite with antibiotics and kill the flagellates living in it, and he will die of hunger, because the chips with which he stuffed his stomach will remain “not overcooked.” Enzymes of the simplest organisms so quickly convert fiber to sugar, that no chemical plant could compare with the speed of sugar production with the termite bio-plant, in the mouth of which sawdust, rags and piles of paper debris turn into sugar.