What do tiger sharks eat ?

A lot of awesome legends go about tiger sharks. Even Jules Verne, the master of the adventure genre, described that a soldier with a spear, a horse rider and a large wardrobe were found in the stomach of a huge predator.

What is true, but what is just an absurd rumor? Let’s try to understand.

Tiger sharks fishermen nicknamed ocean scavengers. The fact is that these striped gluttons are not at all picky in food. Almost always in search of food, tiger predators often swim in the mouth of rivers, shallow bays.

They attack anything that is smaller than their size.

It does not matter if an edible item is caught on the teeth. In the dimensionless stomachs of tiger sharks, there were license plates, tin buckets, coats, a screw from the motor, dolphins, even the front part of the trunk of a domestic dog with a chain around his neck!

Oh, this tiger shark – predator food is amazing. Predators eat everything that gets in their field of vision.

The marine tigress enjoys the pleasure of squid, lobsters, mollusks, crabs, tuna, sea snakes, even the most dangerous stingray hamsters. Do not bend tiger sharks and smaller representatives of their own species, and even carrion.

If the carcass of a deceased whale drifts into the sea, or another animal, the striped predators will necessarily be around.