What do turkeys eat ?

In our time of increased demand for dietary products, the consumption of turkey meat is becoming especially widespread. Therefore, turkey breeding is becoming a relevant and profitable business for agricultural enterprises.

Practical experience shows that at home, adult turkeys do not cause much trouble. Nevertheless, it is important to know what turkeys eat under normal conditions in order to ensure the best weight gain of poultry meat.

Both turkeys and turkeys are actually omnivorous birds. With good care, turkeys grow very fast. So, already at the 16th week the body weight of the turkey is increased almost 200 times.

The modern feed industry offers various kinds of mixed fodders for these birds, taking into account age. These birds have well-developed eyesight and are well seen at a great distance, but they may not recognize the scattered food nearby. Therefore, feeders with mixed fodder for turkeys should be arranged so that nothing is scattered.

In search of food in the wild, they can travel considerable distances. Therefore, on the farmstead often you have to tie a turkey by the leg. Otherwise, it can go beyond the economy and take turkeys with them.