What do Walruses eat ?

The basis of the walrus diet is invertebrate bottom organisms, of which the most important are bivalve mollusks.

The walrus feeds at depths not exceeding 80 m. There are cases of the walrus attacking the ringed seal.

These huge clumsy animals inhabiting the Far North live mainly off the coast and rarely make significant trips. Walruses are sociable and mostly meet in herds; Courageously defend each other: in general, walruses in the water are dangerous enemies, because they can overturn a boat or smash their fangs. They rarely attack boats. It is much safer to hunt them on ice floes or on land, where they go for rest, and the herd always puts out sentries.

The sense of smell is well developed in walruses and they feel the person at a considerable distance, why they are trying to approach them against the wind. Noticing the danger, the hour-old roar (which in walruses represents something between the roar of a cow and a barking bark) or pushes the others and the herd rushes into the sea. The food of the walrus consists mainly of plate-toothed mollusks, walruses sometimes eat fish, as well as carrion.