What do Wasp eat ?

Nutritional preferences of a is strongly dependent on both their specific species and the stage of development of the insect. For example, the most common and common paper wasps in the adult state are not able to digest solid food, and their larvae, on the contrary, just eat meat and relatively solid protein food.

And although at first glance it may seem that the wasps eat everything in a row – from grapes to meat and salted fish – in fact these insects are very picky in food. The false impression of what the wasps eat, is due to the fact that the food is collected by adult insects – both for themselves and for the larvae.

So what do the wasps really eat? The basis of the diet of adults is the juices of various berries and fruits. These foods are very nutritious, easily accessible during the life of workers’ insects, and in certain seasons are truly found in abundance and do not require serious energy consumption for consumption.

That’s why wasps eat strawberries, grapes, raspberries, blackberries, plums. Ducks usually notice that insects gnaw out the soft parts of the fruit, while leaving the skin.

Less often, wasps eat apples or pears – these fruits are much harder, but when they are ripe they are quite “toothy” to the striped pests.

In the case of damage to these insects, farmers are encouraged to make or buy special net sacks and to protect their fruits from eating them on apples or grape clusters.